Kristine Hovda - Y Believe

Song released on Good Enough Records

Pål Felix - No Competition

Sound recorded by Lars Jemterud

Chernobyl Mon Amour (intro)

Following two state-employed guides in Priyat, Ukraine, Dennis and Maxim and their subjective perspectives and relationship to the zone.

The project touches on the mysterious ability of both man and nature to adapt to the radioactive air.

Total runtime 20 minutes.


© 2020 Rune Hov

Friends playing music

Instalation Art, documentaries with artist Siri Hermansen.

Detroit, Land of Freedom (intro)

A film that explores what can grow out of the financial catastrophy that has ruined The Motor City, Detroit during the past decades.

Warning: Animal slaughter

Total runtime 32 minutes.

Addet Àndagassi / Apology (intro)

The on going conflict between the indigenous Sami people's right to land on the one hand, and commercial interests on the other is subject to scrutiny in this film.

Total runtime 24 minutes.

Ancient Productions

Rex. Barbaricum

I´m currently shooting, editing and co-producing this historic documentary series with writer Geir Felling-Andersen about the migration age lasting from AD 375 - 568, and how the scandinavian tribes, barbarians, contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Srarring Thure Lindhardt, Malin Arvidson, Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, Fredrik Dolk, professor Peter Heather (Oxford), Lotte Hedeager (UiO), Dr. Andrew Merrils (Leicester), Nils Nordberg, among others.

Electro Spectre - Tokyo Shuffle

starring Atle Antonsen, Johan Golden

& Mari Sletten